The First Blog!! An Introduction

Dear fellow readers,

I assume you're a reader because you're reading a blog about books. I just recently discovered that you could specifically have a BLOG about BOOKS. This reveals a few things about me already!

1. I'm "out of touch" in the sense that I've never read a blog until recently, and laughed when I heard the word (many years ago, mind you), thinking, "what will the Internet think up next?!"

2. I'm old[er]. I'm 37. That means I was born IN THE 1970's. (Whaaaat?!) I have a respect for technology, but don't go out of my way to invade Technology's space, and in return Technology lets me use my Smart Phone mainly as a phone-phone. Already my learning curve for starting a blog has skyrocketed, so I'm going to keep it simple (for now).  And,

3. I love books. I feel there are worse things to be addicted to. At last count, I have 331 books on my "To Read" shelf on www.goodreads.com, and I feel that's reasonable! Because it's nice to have options. And a wide variety at that!

Other things you may want to know about me: 
- I have a loving husband of 5 years. We went to the same high-school, had classes together but weren't really friends, and then a mere ELEVEN YEARS later we started dating. We were also born 2 days apart, and have only lived in one city, CALGARY, [Alberta, Canada].
- I have two cute dogs that drive me UP THE WALL. Why all the barking, guys? Why?
- I have a lovely family and extended family, who almost all live in Calgary as well. We even see each other on a regular basis. It's crazy weird, I know.

I can't wait to tell you what I think about what I read because I'm super hilarious (in my head) and I love telling people about good books.

Blog on, Jennifer, blog on!!!!

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