A Wee Note: I Un-Disqus'd...

Hello faithful follower!

Just a quick note to let you know I had "DISQUS" connected to my blog (for a week?), which would send our comments into the internet and anyone could read or comment on them. But then I got a-scared, and read some fear-mongering articles by people who were contacted by men in prison... O_O

When I disconnected Disqus it took some comments with it (which is like a monetary unit for bloggers. [E.g. Mo' comments, mo' problems, am I right?]). PLUS my sister finally commented and now there's no proof. Santa Clause also liked a post, and wrote "lo-ho-ho-l." But that was my only proof of HIS ENTIRE EXISTENCE.

I be learnin' as I be bloggin.'

Limit access to prison inmates. Check.

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