Top Ten Tuesday #5: Top Ten Author Duos You'd LOVE To See Write A Book Together!

 Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week: Top Ten Author Duos You'd LOVE to See Write a Book Together!

I'm adding a bit of a subcategory and combining characters from books, just to, you know, maybe give these awesome author duos some ideas...

Jen's Awesome Author Mash-ups

I have a horrible memory, so am going to use authors I’ve recently read to see if I can come up with some mashable teams.

I would love to see Evie travel back and forth through time. She’s very sassy and rule-breaky in the 1927 New York, but what about putting her in a puritan society? Or as a woman in 1950’s America? Or have them as a travelling duo, as she would probably cause Alex a lot of chaos.


I feel the geek trivia, love of ‘80’s movies and gaming, and pure talent between these two would be epic. EPIC. And maybe get Bonnie Burton in there to add a little smut that Felicia would be too embarrassed to write!


The more of Jenny “The Bloggess” Lawson I get to know through her blogs or books, the more I feel she could actually be a character in one of Gaiman's books. Basically I want Neil Gaiman to put Jenny in his next book.


I probably have lost most of you right now. If you’ve not heard of the Vanessa Michael Munroe books, check out my review of The Mask. Basically, James Cameron is bringing this kick-ass hero to the big screen, and she’s a female Jason Bourne. But waaay cooler. (Sorry Bourne fans, she is the apex predator, Jason Bourne has first-world problems with government red tape. Leave your indignation in the comments below.)

THEN check out some writing that Brian K. Vaughn has done for other kick-ass heroines, but in graphic novel form.

Right now, for woman who kick ACE we have Black Widow. Yes, geeksters, I know there’s more to come, but that’s in the superhero universe. We need a Buffy, or a Lara Croft. Milla Jovovich in the Resident Evil series… Kate Beckinsale in Underworld… Basically I love that move where the woman jumps up and takes the guy down by wrapping her legs around his neck and her momentum brings him down. *Jennifer clapping wildly*

P.S. I would cast Jaimie Alexander from the Thor movies and the new show Blindspot (that I haven’t seen yet).

Remember that time (“that time”) that there were cowboy vampires on Buffy the Vampire Slayer? They didn’t get very far. But there wasn’t really a need for their cowboy know-how at the time! In Kate Daniels’ world, magic has caused an apocalypse where people need to ride horses because cars will conk out during a magic wave. [By the way, why no were-horses? There was a were-moose briefly mentioned in a fight, and I feel that a were-horse would be able to kick some awesome arse. Oooh, were-UNICORN!]

Anyhoo, enter the Sisters Brothers (pre-The Book Sisters Brothers) and they’re all Stompin’ Tom Conners all over the place. It kinda writes itself...


I feel like Lish McBride and the Ilona Andrews team have a similar sense of [darker] humour. Lish writes YA characters really well, and I feel that the Julie in Magic School spin-off (that I have invented in my mind) NEEDS TO HAPPEN. I would read the sh*t out of that.

And on that note! I'm only good for 6/10 this week! Can't wait to see your ideas for your Top Ten Author Duos! Leave your link in the comments below and I'll swing on by!

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