Mini-Bloggin' Blog

So another thing you learn right off the bat about blogging, is that bloggers (especially book bloggers) love CONTESTS!!!! So I have my first contest, obviously called:


Here is my new donkey mascot. It goes WAY over the cutesy edge, but maybe it will be my new picture instead of the "caught in the act" pre-selfie selfie that seems to be everywhere these days. (Thanks to me! My self-hatred is increasing exponentially the more I "social media.") ANYWAY! I need a name for this cute li'l gal! Some examples from my insanely clever friend Ty[ger] are:
"Margaret Asswood," or
"Donkey Hoté"
Think you can do him one better? The first 50 people to comment will get something super winny and contest-worthy.
(Also if you click on my wee jenny/ mule/ donkey above it will take you to where I "borrowed" this free image from. They have other great drawings for the young 'uns, and it's a British site, so respect to the motherland!! Thank you, United Kingdom. For everything.) AND if you have kids that like colouring, you can send me a coloured version and I'll post those too.

Other things I've learned? You can follow me on: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Bloglovin [although they refuse to recognize me at the moment?], by email, by fax, by pigeon-carrier/ Canada Post etc. all by clicking on those wee icons at the bottom of this post! AND!!!...

You can put in your email under where [ha ha! underwear] I wrote EMAIL ME and it will send you notices any time I pick my nose and then post something about it. (But I promise to only blog about the most fascinating picks.) Now lets all hold digital hands and say our special mantras to the internet gods so that I can start reviewing books printed this decade.

Post your donkey names in the comments below! I'll announce a winner when I remember to! 


  1. I love both ideas, and I DIDN'T EVEN SEE that you had posted them! You get 10 bonus sister points, Jessica!! Forgive this novice blogger!