She Be Pullin' Her Hair Out

Hello, Dear Readers!

So I just spent a few hours trying to figure out how to put a CHICKLET (one of those wee buttons you can click) on my blog so that it would be easier to follow me. And the RESULT?! *drums puh-puh-pumming* is F*CK ALL.

Learning about blogging is SUPER fun. When I get famous I'll just get my lackeys to figure it out. (Or more likely, I'll just tell the computer what to do and the computer will just take some cash out of my bank account in payment...)

So feedburner.google.com is now somehow involved with my account. No idea. Apparently you can STILL put in your address [at the bottom of the page], verify you're not a robot, and then BOOM, you're subscribed to me. You will get emails about when I'm slowly changing the world for the better, one blog at a time.

ALSO you can click on the Google+ button that's under my About Me pic on the left.

ALSO I've figured out how to link to www.goodreads.com [click on it! It totally works!!] But that's about all.

And right now my dogs are barking and I'm yelling at them, so that tells me it's time to go eat something and leave the internet for another time. (By the way, "my dogs are barking" is what some Britons say when their feet are sore. Rest assured, I'm not yelling at my feet. I'm literally yelling at my literal dogs. When I start yelling at my feet, you'll be the first to know.)

I can't wait to read this post and laugh and laugh at how tricky I thought the internet was. Oh Internet, I'll say, you trickster!!

OF SPECIAL NOTE: We had 2 winners on my blog today! And they didn't even know they were trying to win something, because this is all a learning curve, and I'm giving prizes out in reverse order. Maybe I'll call them Trickster Contests.


Amy S. was the first to follow my blog, so she's going to somehow get some money to buy a book on the internet, but because she lives in the UK it's a bit trickier!! (There's that word again! Is there an amazon.uk?) 


Tyger O. won the "Name My Donkey" contest! (Which sounds a tad dirty, but that's only if you already have a filthy, filthy mind.) I chose Donkey Joté over Margaret Asswood, as I didn't want to insult our revered Canadian author. He won $10 to spend on www.amazon.ca. (Whoa! Totally linked that too! I'm on goddamn fire.)

Dawn-Key Joté: Pimpin' My Style
So, bear (bare?) with me, my loyal follower. Someday soon I'm going to blog the SH*T out of this blog...

Thanks for reading!!

- Spinning Jenny

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