Blogging Pains

Blogger Problems, 2015, yo.

So to increase my blogosphere (wow you can actually spellcheck that…) I decided to join up with Top Ten Tuesdays and Waiting for Wednesday to share my views and also take a look at what other book bloggers be bloggin’.

And there are SO MANY awesome blogs out there! Great names, designs, colour schemes, etc. And I realized that I could click their little chicklet-buttons for Facebook or Twitter to follow them, but I didn’t have that option for MY follower! (Not a typo.)
Previously I attempted to navigate the chicklet borderland, and ended up with Feedburner, which I’m not sure how it differs from Blogger, but, so it is.

THEN Twitter made it fairly easy to add a button (I just wanted the “t”. I JUST WANTED THE “t”!!!) and I settled for what I could get. Facebook is like trying to break into Fort Knox (or something more relevant to today’s youth… break into… Barney’s? That’s still a thing in America, right?). And goodreads offered me a HUGE WIDGET/ gadget, and I was all: I JUST WANT the “g” goodreads!! GIMME THE “g”!!!!! [Btw, check out my HUGE GOODREADS WIDGET which is actually pretty cool and connects to my account, so we're cool, goodreads...]

Enter www.addthis.com, like an angel descending from the heavens! They will gather all your sites you’re signed up with (not for goodreads or flickr – the latter I’m thinking might be obsolete… Instagram, y’all!) and with the "free" package will add the wee buttons for you! HIP HIP!! Except… it’s a slide-y thing that comes in from the side, top or bottom. You don’t really get to position it where you want… (I’m sure all I need to do is upgrade…) And while I will not look this gift-mule in the mouth (har), I thought, there HAS to be some blogger support groups out there! There are newbies with design or content questions that could use the encouragement and wisdom of the more seasoned 16 year-old bloggers out there!

Looking for blogger support online automatically assumes that you want Blogger.com or Wordpress support. Not helpful. They say things like, "RSS is SUPER good for you to have" and I'm all, "ya, but what is it?" and they're all "muh-muh-muh, techie-gobledegook..."

One search for “blogger support” offered to:
See all Blogger.com customer Support Channels compared for speed, quality, and customer approval. Find details on each contact, including shortcut through... on https://gethuman.com/contact/Blogger-com.

Once you click on this it LITERALLY SAYS:

Blogger.com Support Channels Compared

There is only 1 Blogger.com help contact, shown below.
Help Contact
avg wait

What the what is THAT?!

When I specified “blogger support group” google sent me to “Insecure Writers Support Group” (http://www.insecurewriterssupportgroup.com/) which I’m sure has it’s target membership, and though I AM wholly insecure in general (how does the internet KNOW?!), still not a hit for me. [AND I just noticed it’s run by people from Blogger.com!! "Who runs the world?" GOOGLE!! Google RUNS THE M-F'N WORLD.]

My next move is to join Blogging Buddy Groups by Blogelina (http://blogelina.com/how-to-join-your-clan/) and there’s also something offered by Yahoo (which I've only ever used to make a possibly obsolete Flickr account, so that seems redundant...).

I will keep you posted (hey! Bloggin pun!). And if I learn anything, or you have any questions for ME about my blog, I will answer as best I can! (It’s mostly some sort of divine “Internet gods” intervention, because I seem to fluke out with certain things. Like making a meme. I made a meme BY ACCIDENT (see above meme). Isn’t there a saying about “falling in a pile of sh*t and coming out smelling like roses?” That’s me. Quite often. But I also come out smelling like the initial pile. It’s about 50/50 for my life in general...)

Until next time, fair follower!

As always, thanks for reading!

- Spinning Jenny, Accidental Meme-ist


  1. "muh-muh-muh, techie-gobledegook..." - yes! all of that!!!! I chose word press but what the whatidy what! When I finally find my question... the answer is practically in another language. Thank God I'm using GoDaddy for hosting and domain... I broke down and messaged one of their techies who happily said he'd "poke sticks at it" and fix it for me! lol Anyways, lovely blog you have here! love the reviews!

    1. Thanks Danielle! Someone just told me that Blogger is a pretty basic domain-thingy and it's hard to format... so basically I've made my bed. But, like you, I'm learning!! I just saw on your google page you're working on what your blog could be. I LOVE reading, and so this has been fun. Other blogs I come across have reviews about books, but also movies, or beauty items, or whatever else they love. Let me know your blog name and I'll check it out! :)