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Magic Rises Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews
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You know those books that have you bargaining with yourself late at night? "It's midnight? I'm sure there's not much left to this chapter... Do I really need 6 hours of sleep..." etc. I find this whole SERIES like that.

Also, whilst reading in bed, I actually shouted, out loud, "Whaaaat?!" at a certain reveal in the plot. My husband asked if I was okay, and I assured him that I was okay, but was KATE going to be okay?!

Magic Rises has the shape-shifters going on a backpacking adventure to Europe. There were new characters to get to know, new baddies, the new setting was refreshing, and there were many twists and turns!

Sometimes (just sometimes) the final, action packed climax can get a bit crowded; just after you think they're in "the clear" another wave of baddies hit them... Kate and Curran just can never catch a break, I guess!

Also, in the previous book, Magic Slays there was a battle against The Keepers, and one of Clan Heavy was a were-moose. It was mentioned almost as an aside, but as a Canadian, I thought, "a moose? Standing beside a 1200 pound were-bear? Ummm..." but I let it slide because I got caught up in the action, and Bullwinkle must have held his own, because he wasn't mentioned again...

In Magic Rises [spoiler alert!] there are were-dolphins. Actually, were-dolphin pirates. I appreciate that they grounded the were-dolphins in mythology, but I do admit to wrinkling my nose at the idea.

Otherwise, it's another home run for the Ilona Andrews team! I love the world building, the chemistry between characters, the monsters based in mythology, and the continuing thickening plot surrounding Kate and her bloodline.

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