Reading Challenge #1: Fully Loaded - September 2015

Reading Challenge: Fully Loaded - September 2015

Hosted by: Crazy for Young Adult Books on www.goodreads.com

For my first reading challenge, I found Fully Loaded: September 2015. Each day has an assigned "task" that you need to fulfill. For instance, if you're starting a book on September 6th, it says: "Scaredy Cat: Read a horror book." Obviously you don't have to read 30 books in 30 days, but I tried to find a book for each day just for fun! It makes you think outside the box, and maybe read something you wouldn't normally! I personally get bonus points if I read a book I ALREADY OWN. (The points system is entirely inside my head. I get triple-double bonus points if I match my other book club up with these days in September.)

So here's my list! Go to the Crazy for Young Adult Books Group on www.goodreads.com to join the challenge! Wish me luck!

Goal: to read 4 books. Oh the [30] possibilities!!

Day 1: Bite Size
❶ Read a novella or a book with fewer than 200 pages.
Animal Farm (own it)
See my review on www.goodreads.com

Day 2: Blast From the Past
❷ Read a book that was published at least 10 years ago (2005 or earlier.) 
Hitchhiker’sGuide to the Galaxy (own it)

Day 3: Out of this World
❸ Read a book set on another planet or a book with stars, the sun, the moon, or planets on the cover.
The Stars My Destination

Day 4: Girl Power
❹ Read a book written by a female author.
You’re Never Weird on the Internet (own it)

Day 5: Slice of Paradise
❺ Read a book set in the state or country you want to visit.
The Book Thief [Germany] (own it)

Day 6: Scaredy Cat
❻ Read a horror book.
Dracula (own it)

Day 7: F-Word
❼ Read a book with at least one word in the title starting with the letter "F".

(bought it - but can't READ IT bc you need iBooks 2, so I'd need a new iPad? Hey! I need a new iPad...)

Day 8: Mirror Image
❽ Read a book whose main character has something in common with you, for instance the hair color.
The Woman in White [I have a white shirt.](own it)

Day 9: Private Eye
❾ Read a mystery book. 

Day 10: Off Limit
❶⓪ Read a book involving forbidden romance.

The Birth of Venus
This one doesn't ACTUALLY count because I realized I'd already read it after the FIRST LINE in the prologue. Which is kind of impressive for the author to have such a memorable opening line?

Day 11: Out for Blood
❶❶ Read a vampire book or a book with blood on the cover
Dark Lover (own it)

Day 12: Foodie
❶❷ Read a book with any edible item on the cover.
Bumped (book club)

Day 13: Alpha Male
❶❸ Read a book written by a male author.
Necromancing the Stone (own it AND book club) = triple-triple bonus points!!
Epic fail: it's a female author. But AWESOME. So... point?

Day 14: Perfect Couple
❶❹ Read a romance book.

Day 15: Chain Reader
❶❺ Read a sequel in the series you have already started.
Symbiont (book club)

Day 16: Dead Serious
❶❻ Read a book whose main character is terminally ill. 
No thanks = Free Pick: The Mask (own it)

Day 17: Barely There
❶❼ Read a book with no or little design on the cover.
The Sun Also Rises (own it)

Day 18: Zero Hour
❶❽ Read a post apocalyptic book.
MaddAdam Trilogy (own it)

Day 19: Off the Radar
Read a lesser known book (has been rated by less than 100 people.)
The Cure - Susan Phelan (my friend's aunt!)

Day 20: Hot Shot
❷⓪ Read a book released on September 2015.
Saga, Volume 5 (it will be mine... oh yes...)

Day 21: Biggest Fan
❷❶ Read a book written by one of your most favorite authors.
The Runaways Vol. 1 & 2 [Graphic novels]

Day 22: Eye Candy
❷❷ Read a book you think has the most gorgeous cover.
[currently reading]

Day 23: Make the Cut
❷❸ Read a book you have already added to your to-read list.

Day 24: Off the Charts
❷❹ Read an award-winning book.
A Monster Calls (own it); so good it hurts my heart.

[Day 25: War Zone]
❷❺ Read a dystopia book.

Day 26: Lead the Way
❷❻ Read a book involving road trip.
On the Road (own it)

Day 27: Blackout
❷❼ Read a book with a black cover.
Cheap Eats (more of a restaurant suggestion book, but it's black!)

Day 28: Dive in
❷❽ Read a book with any type of bodies of water on the cover, such as river, sea...
Medicine River (own it)

Day 29: Game Plan
❷❾ Read a book whose main character is an athlete.
Not likely.

Day 30: Free Will
❸⓪ Read a book of your choice.
If I haven't gone cross-eyed!!

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