Top Ten Tuesday #4: Top 10 Books on My Fall TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week: Top 10 Books on My Fall TBR
(Some of my picks are being released this fall, while others have been out for a few years...)

1. A Great and Terrible Beauty (Gemma Doyle #1)
Author: Libba Bray

I so LOVED the Diviners books that I will read anything by Ms. Bray!

And it's YA Paranormal Historical Fiction... as was Diviners... I think it's a safe bet!

2. Dark Inside (Dark Inside #1)
Author: Jeyn Roberts

YA. Zombie apocalypse.
How have I not read this yet??

3. Servant of the Crown (The Crown of Tremontane #1)
Author: Melissa McShane

A fellow blogger wrote a good review of this one (no idea who! Leave a comment if you see this!) and it sounded intriguing!

4. Vengeance Road
Author: Erin Bowman

This is the year of the YA Western!!
I'm chompin' at the bit!! (Get it? Like a horse?)

A few reviews and "Waiting on Wednesday's" caught my attention for this one!

5. The Foxglove Killings
Author: Tara Kelly

This sounds nice and creepy for around Halloween.
Creeeepy romance. Is that a genre?

6. All the Stars in the Heavens: A Novel
Author: Adriana Trigiani

I've not read The Shoemaker's Wife, but, again, from a blogger review, this sounds like an awesome historical fiction.

(It also takes place during 1920's/ '30's old Hollywood, and I love that era.)

7. Six of Crows (Six of Crows #1)
Author: Leigh Bardugo

I have to stop reading other blogs. Seriously! You guys are killing me!

This one has some mixed reviews, so I'll let you guys know what you should think after I read it. ;)

8. Blood and Salt (Blood and Salt #1)
Author: Kim Liggett

"Romeo and Juliet meets Children of the Corn in this one-of-a-kind romantic horror."

WTF does that even mean? Don't you feel like you need to know what that means? Another creepy Halloween read!

9. Walk on Earth a Stranger
Author: Rae Carson

First of all: kick-ass title.
Second: YA Paranormal Western

What's the equivalent of "get in ma' belly!" for books?
"Get in ma' BRAIN BELLY!!" [TM]

10. Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things
Author: Jenny Lawson

My 2nd non-YA on my list, but I think my next read!! I love Jenny Lawson. I feel like we're "kindred spirits." I bet she would even get that Anne of Green Gables reference...


  1. Vengeance Road, Six of Crows and Walk the Earth a Stranger are all books I should really get onto reading some point soon as well! Love this list and hope you can get through them all :D

    1. Thanks, Olivia-Savannah!! Don't you find that your TBR lists can be both exciting and daunting at the same time!? Sooo many books!